Bearings Designed for Machine Tools

Timken Bearings Meet Many Requirements

For the many different types of industrial equipment where anti-friction bearings are used, designers select the bearings based on specific criteria.  Some seek long life, some require the ability to tolerate heavy loads, while others require extreme precision or stiffness.  In machine tools, the bearings often have to deliver all three.

SpindlesThe degree of precision delivered by a machine tool can be no better than the precision of the bearings that support the spindles.  Depending on the application, Timken® Fafnir® super precision ball bearings or Timken tapered roller bearings may be the right solution.
Bearings with customized component geometry are able to achieve the highest operating speeds. Tapered roller bearings, with their adjustable endplay, provide a design solution that exceeds most application needs for rotational accuracy and rigidity. The Hydra-Rib bearing features a floating rib that’s positioned by a pressure system. It can adjust for optimum preload “on the fly,” compensating for speed and temperature variations.



Table BearingsPrecision tapered roller bearings and crossed roller bearings help provide rotary tables with smooth performance, rigidity and exact positioning while withstanding high overturning moments. Tapered crossed roller bearings provide unequaled performance and allow machining for extended times with no accuracy loss.




Ball ScrewsBall screw support bearings are widely used in motion-control applications that include grinding, milling and machining centers. They are ground to the most precise tolerances recognized by the ball bearing industry and preload ground to optimize stiffness and accurate toll positioning.