Tecnomeca-Kidelan in Dexis Group

Soluciones Industriales Tecnomeca S.A.U., is the result of the merger of two companies, TECNOMECA, SA and KIDELAN S.L. that in late 2006 decided to join forces and experiences and integrate into DEXIS, the network of technical business of DESCOURS & CABAUD group, European leader in the field of professional distribution, thereby acquiring TECNOMECA-KIDELAN trade name.

Within DEXIS organization, Tecnomeca-Kidelan is geared to OEM Industry service in the Iberian Region.

We provide technological solutions in the field of linear movement, mechanical transmission, rotation and aluminum profiles, under our brand TKD.

Our engineering department advises and provides complete studies and projects in the field of automation. We interrelate our product range and cooperate with our customers, providing the complete solution.